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FACULTYMartin Besfamille

Martin Besfamille

Associate Professor 
Ph.D. in Economics, Université de Toulouse 1

Areas of Interest:
Public Economics, Fiscal Federalism and Tax Evasion 

Contact Information:
Phone: (56-2) 2354 7105
Address: Casilla 76 - Correo 17 Santiago - Chile

Selected publications:

The Political Economy of the (Weak) Enforcement of Indirect Taxes
Martin Besfamille; Philippe De Donder; Jean-Marie Lozachmeur.
Journal of Public Economic Theory, 15(6): 856-883, 2013.

Modernization of Tax Administrations and Optimal Fiscal Policies
Martin Besfamille; Cecilia Parlatore Siritto.
Journal of Public Economic Theory, 11(6): 897-926, 2009.

Bailouts in Federations: is a Hard Budget Constraint Always Best?
Martin Besfamille; Ben Lockwood.
International Economic Review, 49(2): 577-593, 2008.

Local Public Works and Intergovernmental Transfers under Asymmetric Information
Martin Besfamille.
Journal of Public Economics, 88(1-2): 353-375, 2004.

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